Estate Administration

When a person passes away, he or she leaves important relationships behind as well as an estate, which usually has assets, debts and expenses that need to be dealt with properly.

If you have lost a parent, a spouse, another family member or a friend and have been designated the administrator or executor of the estate, you will likely have many questions and concerns about how to carry out your responsibilities. We can help you address them.

Handling All Aspects Of Georgia Probate And Estate Administration

As a lawyer, Bob Ruppenthal helps executors and administrators with all aspects of Georgia probate and estate administration, including:

  • Reviewing and evaluating wills, trusts and other documents that influence how an estate will be administered
  • Identifying and distributing assets to beneficiaries and making sure that claims against an estate are addressed in the right order of priority
  • Working to make sure debts are identified and creditors are treated appropriately
  • Managing uncontested and contested cases in probate court
  • Navigating family challenges and conflicts that can have an impact on many cases
  • Dealing with estates where the decedent has no will or where other complications are present

Serving Clients Statewide

If you need an experienced lawyer to help you probate an estate or administer a will in Georgia, we can help. Fayetteville probate attorney Bob Ruppenthal provides a full range of legal services to help you resolve your probate or estate matter, whether you need comprehensive representation or you simply want feedback on your documents. Contact our office at 770-334-9699 for a free consultation.