Bringing clarity to probate

Uncontested Probate

Uncontested Probate

We will take the time to listen to your concerns and answer all your questions.

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Estate Administration

Estate Administration

We can help you probate an estate or administer a will in Fayette County.

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Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship

Adult Guardianship & Conservatorship

Sometimes, adults are not able to care for themselves.

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Adult Spousal Year's Support

Adult Spousal Year's Support

We can help you get your year’s support benefits.

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Strong Help With Probate And Estate Administration

If you have been entrusted with the administration of a family member’s estate or if you need to look out for the needs of a loved one who is unable to care for himself or herself, you probably already have a lot on your mind. The legal challenges of probate and other estate matters here in Fayetteville and throughout Georgia call for the help of a lawyer with a high level of experience, legal knowledge and attention to detail, as well as a strong understanding of the personal and family dynamics involved.

At Ruppenthal Law Firm, P.C., we specialize in helping executors, administrators, guardians and conservators do their jobs correctly and with as little stress as possible. We can complete and review all of your paperwork and effectively represent you in court from beginning to end of the probate and estate administration process.

Experienced Estate And Long-Term Care Planning Attorney Serving All Georgia

At our office in Fayetteville and in court, we can help with a wide array of
estate planning, administration and probate matters related to:

  • Uncontested probate
  • Estate administration
  • Guardianship and conservatorship for adults and minors
  • Year’s support for adult spouses and minor children
  • Estate and long-term care planning services such as wills and advance directives

One of the advantages of working with our firm is that our founder, Bob Ruppenthal, is also the administrator and conservator for Fayette County. He is immersed in the system and has a unique perspective on the process that allows him to anticipate problems before they develop.

As the executor or administrator of an estate, you have choices. Let us provide the guidance you need to make choices that will produce outcomes that benefit your family and reduce the risk of problems with creditors, taxes and interpersonal conflicts.

To Bring Clarity To The Probate Process, Call Ruppenthal Law Firm, P.C.

Contact our office to learn more about probate and estate administration. We bring decades of experience helping grieving families successfully get through the probate process while minimizing problems. Call 770-334-9699 to schedule a free consultation.


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