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We Work Hard To Make This Easy For You

We Work Hard To Make This Easy For You

We Can Take The Pain Out Of Probate

Losing a loved one is hard enough. It does not need to be made harder by the hassle and confusion of the probate process. We here at Ruppenthal Law Firm, P.C., in Fayetteville, Georgia, pride ourselves on our ability to make the probate process as easy as possible for clients in the area and throughout the state of Georgia.

We devote the vast majority of our legal practice to uncontested probate matters, which are those in which no one is challenging the will or distribution of the estate. Founding attorney Bob Ruppenthal and the rest of our team can help take the fear and confusion out of the probate process for you. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and answer as many questions as you have about the probate process and the effect it will have on your family.

We Know Executors’ Responsibilities In Fayette County And All Of Georgia

As an executor or administrator of an estate, you have duties that you must fulfill correctly to help the probate and estate administration process proceed as smoothly as possible. You may have to:

  • Identify and distribute assets to beneficiaries according to the will
  • Identify and settle debts with creditors while ensuring that family members are protected
  • File documents with the court showing how you have been performing your duties

We will work with you to find solutions that fit your situation and respect you and your family members’ legal rights. After being involved in probate matters for decades, we know how complex or even hopeless some problems can seem, but we have seen everything. We can take the lead in the administration of your loved one’s estate for you.

Experienced Legal Representation Providing Unique Solutions For Your Situation

Contact Ruppenthal Law Firm, P.C., to schedule your free consultation to discuss the probate process. We are happy to assist you during this difficult time so that you can focus on what is most important. Call 770-334-9699 to speak with a lawyer or contact us online.