Plan Your Legacy And Protect Family Wealth

Plan Your Legacy And Protect Family Wealth

Do I Need An Estate Plan?

If you’re wondering whether you really need an estate plan, the answer is yes. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, it is important to have a plan in place for your future. However, the plan that is right for you may not look like your parents’ or your friends’. The estate plan that is right for you should be specifically tailored to your goals, your needs and your life.

At Ruppenthal Law Firm, P.C., in Fayetteville, we have been helping individuals and families throughout Georgia create carefully tailored estate plans since 1994. Our decades of experience, coupled with the personal service we provide, make our law firm a trusted choice.

Do Any Of These Statements Describe You?

I have a variety of health problems, and I may need professional nursing care in the future.
You may require strategic asset protection planning to help preserve your estate for your heirs instead of losing it all to Medicare or a nursing home.

I’m a single parent who is about to get remarried.
You may need to create a will or update an existing one to ensure that certain assets go to your children instead of your new spouse. You may also need a guardianship for your minor children.

I’m a college student with no children and no money, so I don’t think I really need an estate plan.
At the very least, you may require an advance health care directive. You’re never immune from accidents or illnesses, and your family deserves to know what medical care you would want to receive.

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