Plan Your Legacy And Protect Family Wealth

Plan Your Legacy And Protect Family Wealth

Creating A Will In Georgia

Drafting a last will and testament is one of the most important components of the estate planning process. A will can make your wishes about how you want your estate to be distributed crystal clear. Unfortunately, creating a will is something that many people put off for far too long.

At Ruppenthal Law Firm, P.C., in Fayetteville, Georgia, we can help you draft a will, along with other important estate planning documents. We know that estate planning is a stressful endeavor for most people, but making the decisions now, when you have the power to do so, will ensure that your wishes are carried out. With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing that your will was drafted correctly and that your wishes will be honored.

Helping Georgia Residents Draft Last Wills And Testaments

Some of the most important advice we offer our clients when they’re drafting their wills includes:

  • Name an executor who you can trust: When it is time for your estate to be distributed through the probate and estate administration process, you want someone who you know will take the steps necessary to fulfill the executor’s duties and honor your wishes. Many times, this is a trusted family member, or it could be an experienced estate planning attorney.
  • Do not go it alone: It is perfectly all right to come into your lawyer’s office with a plan in mind for distributing your assets. However, you should have your official will drafted and reviewed by an attorney so that no mistakes are made.
  • Update your will when circumstances change: Did you get divorced and remarried? Do you no longer wish to leave anything to a beneficiary? Did you acquire more assets since you drafted the will? It is important for your will to be as up to date as possible.

Do Not Draft A Will Without Legal Advice. Call A Lawyer.

Contact Ruppenthal Law Firm, P.C., at 770-334-9699 if you would like to begin the process of drafting a will or update your current will. We can give you the legal advice you need to protect your estate and make your wishes clear.